Police Scotland

Join Police Scotland, choose a force for courage make a difference.

           Our Key 

  • Tackling crime, inequality and enduring problems facing communities.

  • Protecting vulnerable people.

  •  Working with communities.

  • Support for operational policing.

  •     Antisocial behaviour.

Scottish Ambulance Service

Join the Ambulance Service, choose a career for Life.

           Our Key 

  • As the frontline of the NHS in Scotland, we provide an emergency ambulance service to a population of over 5 million people serving all of the nation's mainland ...

Scottish Fire & Rescue

Join the Fire and Rescue Service, choose a career of challenge, make your community safer.

           Our Key 

  • Comming Soon 

Police Scotland

We are looking for people like you to join one of the biggest Division in Scotland. If you are an honest, hard-working individual who is enthusiastic and motivated this is the right job for you. You’ll receive first class training and be rewarded with an extraordinary job that is like no other.



Our Local Policing officers are trained to a high level and can be sent to deal with almost anything.

Scottish Ambulance Service

We are looking for people like you to join the Scottish Ambulance Service. If you are an honest, hard-working individual who is enthusiastic and motivated and looking for true job satisfaction then you can find it working with the Scottish Ambulance Service, attending calls and assisting patients.


All personnel are trained to a high level and are trained to tackle any situation

Scottish Fire & Rescue

Whether it’s our front line firefighters, or voluntary firefighters, fire prevention staff who work with people in their communities every day, or any other one of the wide variety of roles that make up the Service, you can be certain that we are working hard to ensure people in Scotland are as safe as possible.


Our Firefighters are highly trained to deal with hundreds of situations, to keep the people of scotland safe

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