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Police Scotland Rolepay Community founded In 2017, we are an online gaming Group and are not affiliated with the real Police Scotland. Using a gaming platform to Roleplay as British Police Officers we operate on Grand theft Auto V And use Various Third Party Modifications to Are Choice. But we're not just about policing - You can join another Division such as the Scottish Ambulance Service Or maybe Scottish Fire & Rescue Service or even the opposite side of them Civilian Management Unit! Most of these roles are focused around the police, but they're fun enough to play on their own!

What makes us different from the rest?

We are the only Community what uses a realistic fleet to spec! Not many know about Police Scotland so we thrive everyday to make it known and show people its real potential. We are a Community that aims to make our games as realistic as possible, we have an excellent team who thrives to help new members who come into the Community and no one will be left out!

About Police Scotland

Police Scotland was formally established on 1st April 2013 and is responsible for policing across the length and breadth of Scotland, some 28,168 square miles. Police Scotland is the second largest force in the UK after the Metropolitan Police. 

The Service is led by a Chief Constable and comprises police officers,  police staff and  special constables who are working together to deliver the best possible policing service for the people of Scotland. The Chief Constable is supported by a command team of Deputy Chief Constables, Assistant Chief Constables and Directors.  Further information about the command team can be found in our Executive Team section

Police Scotland’s purpose is to improve the safety and wellbeing of people, places and communities in Scotland.  Our focus is on Keeping People Safe which is at the heart of everything that we do.

There are 13 local policing divisions, each headed by a Local Police Commander who ensures that local policing in each area is responsive, accountable and tailored to meet local needs.  Each division will encompass response officers, community officers, local crime investigation, road policing, public protection and local intelligence.

Alongside the local policing divisions, there are a number of national specialist divisions. The Specialist Crime Division (SCD) provides specialist investigative and intelligence functions such as Major Crime investigation, Public Protection, Organised Crime, Counter Terrorism, Intelligence and Safer Communities. These functions may not be required frequently but when a serious crime takes place, or public safety is under threat from criminals, the most professional response is available, regardless of where you live.

The Operational Support divisions provide specialist support functions such as Road Policing, Air Support, Dog Branch, Marine Policing and the Mounted Branch

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